Election Day in Seattle + Anti-Trump Protests

Photos from election day events for the Seattle Globalist and Seattle Weekly: 

Last night, I followed the anti-Trump protest in Seattle, as thousands of demonstrators marched more than 10 miles through the city. Chants included “not my president,” “black/Muslim/trans/immigrant lives matter,” “her body, her choice/my body, my choice,” “refugees are welcome here,” and more. 

Fever Pitch: Outtakes from Safeco Field

Growing up, the world of America’s pastime was far from my own – in a sea of Phillies, Mets, and Yankees fans I could never “pick” a team to root for (though I do have a few items of miscellaneous Yankees paraphernalia from the time in grade school I pretended to be into them for a crush, oof) and I shamelessly claim “Fever Pitch” as my favorite baseball movie. So, most of what I know about baseball I learned in the last five months, roaming the stands of Safeco Field for the Mariners and MLB.com. 

All photos by Jovelle Tamayo, 2016. Thanks for looking. 

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